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Two Thin Little Babies Are Left
by [?]

The authorities of New York City, at this writing, have two babies to give away.

A few days since there were about two hundred babies in the city foundling asylum to be had for the asking.

Of all these little ones there remain but two whom nobody seems to want.

These two forlorn little things are described as “thin and nervous; inclined to cry, and not taking kindly to those who come to pick out free babies for adoption.”

Hundreds of women anxious for children have gone to the asylum, have passed by the two little skinny babies, and have asked to be informed as soon as fat babies should be on hand.

Presently we shall tell childless persons–especially bachelors–why they should get a baby and bring it up.

But first, learn that the best possible choice would be one of those two despised “thin” babies.

In all the world’s history, the greatest men have begun life as THIN babies.

You must know from common observation that in babyhood the head is big out of all proportion to the rest of the body.

A baby one year old has in its brain alone at least one-third of all the blood in its body.

THE BIGGER AND MORE ACTIVE THE BRAIN the more blood is required to nourish it, and THE MORE THE REST OF THE BODY SUFFERS.

A baby luckily born may combine a good brain and a fat body. But such luck is very rare.

Nine times out of ten the best baby MENTALLY is the poorest-looking baby PHYSICALLY.

We have told you in this column about the pathetic babyhood of the great Voltaire. Had he been in the foundling asylum during the recent selection of babies, he would surely be among the despised and rejected. Yet what a glory to have picked out and raised the wonderful Voltaire!

Voltaire, whose name as a baby was Arouet, was the thinnest and most nervous of babies. He had a disease very much like rickets; he cried night and day, and there was little hope of keeping him alive.

Pitt, the great British Prime Minister, was as sick and skinny a baby as was ever seen. Pope, when a baby, would not have seemed worth keeping alive to anybody but a loving mother.

We advise the women who have spurned the two thin babies in the asylum to take another look at them. They may be the best two babies in the entire lot.