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105 Works of Arthur Brisbane

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Sermons in stones are familiar, but few take the trouble to dig them out. Certainly none looks for sermons in a one-cent evening newspaper. At the same time, will you kindly think over and answer the question that heads this column? Here we are, marooned for a few days on a flying ball of earth. […]

The most acute suffering is that produced by FEAR, and those who suffer most acutely from fear are YOUNG children. Who does not remember the intense agony in youth based upon the superstitious teachings of some foolish older person? And how many children are made miserable through the hideous fear that comes from threats and […]

You have perhaps read that Mrs. Isabelle Bailey, of Palmyra, N.J., was cruelly tortured by three little girls. The unfortunate woman was eighty-five years old, paralyzed, and confined to her bed. The three children, two of them eight and one eleven years old, tormented the poor woman in a brutal manner, of which details shall […]

The authorities of New York City, at this writing, have two babies to give away. A few days since there were about two hundred babies in the city foundling asylum to be had for the asking. Of all these little ones there remain but two whom nobody seems to want. These two forlorn little things […]

If you will read Drummond’s beautiful work “The Ascent of Man,” you will learn that we owe to children the good that is in us. It is the child that educates the father and mother. If you are a solemn bachelor, gradually drying up in your selfish life, try having a baby around for a […]

Here is a quotation from a very wise person called Aristotle. This Greek philosopher was the teacher of Alexander the Great, and incidentally he has been the teacher of millions of men since he began to talk philosophy, more than twenty centuries ago. “First of all, we must observe that in all these matters of […]

A young man lost his money in stocks the other day and killed himself. Other young men lose heart when things go against them and drift through life helpless, useless derelicts. Let us give such men a bit of advice: Don’t let failure discourage you. Almost all the brilliantly successful characters of history have known […]

Emerson says: “Discontent is the want of self-reliance; it is infirmity of will.” Another individual, at least as solemn if not as wise as Emerson, says: “Discontent is the foundation of all human effort.” Both are right, for there are two kinds of discontent. Almost everybody is afflicted with one kind of discontent or the […]

A young man with a cold face, much nervous energy and a tired-of-the-world expression leans over the polished, silver-mounted drinking bar. You look at him and order your drink. You know what you think of him, and you think you know what he thinks of you. Did you ever stop to think of ALL THE […]

Nothing is more common than to hear men–especially great and moral men–deplore the results of civilization, of mechanical, industrial and scientific progress. We quote a typical lament by a noble and sincere man, the Reverend Charles Wagner, author of an admirable book called “The Simple Life.” The author says: “If it had been prophesied to […]

All our fussing and fuming about little matters must end in time. It is a comfort to feel sure that the time will come when questions of wages, starvation, justice, supply and demand, finance, and all the miserable worries of to-day, from Presidential elections to the digging of sewers, will be things of the past. […]

Of all animals upon earth man came last. All of earth’s animal creations are bound up in man. As to the first statement there is no difference of opinion. The Bible and Darwin agree that man was created last of all the animals. Very superficial observation will convince you that man contains in his mental […]

You are standing with this writer on the edge of a stagnant pool in Northern Europe, fifty thousand years ago. The trees are strange, the life is strange. There are certain familiar things visible. For instance, on one side of the pool there is an angry mammoth, with long hair and long tusks. He is […]

We wish to tell you of the monkey and the snake fight, described by a witness in the Lahore Tribune. —- Before men arrived on earth, when all the animals were racing for supremacy, the monkey seemed to have the smallest chance. No one would have guessed that the descendants of this feeble, defenseless little […]

MIschievous stories are told about the ability of great men to do without sleep. The foolish young man reads that Napoleon slept only three or four hours at night–and he cuts down his hours of sleep. He might better open a vein and lose a pint of blood than lose the sleep, which is life […]

Of all events here on earth, the greatest is the birth of a baby. Great battles are fought, won and lost. Nations and religions rise and fall. Great cities flourish to-day, and to-morrow the sand lies heavy over them. And of all these events the eternal Niagara of new babies is the first and essential […]

The Rev. David James Burrell, in “A Quiver of Arrows,” presents a very interesting parable on the benefit of trials. Here is the parable: Trials are profitable. The rough diamond cried out under the blow of the lapidary: “I am content; let me alone.” But the artisan said, as he struck another blow: “There is […]

There are many young men on earth who fail because they lack ambition and determination to advance. There are many more whose trouble is hasty ambition. They fail to realize their present chances in their hurried reaching out for something better. You may see in any club, pool-room or other resort for wasting time crowds […]

In the centuries to come, perhaps a thousand centuries from now, perhaps a little sooner, woman will get her chance on earth. Population will have reached its normal limit, and nature’s wise law, dealing with a really civilized race, will automatically limit children to two in each family. Schools and nurseries will be scientific and […]

We’ll waste no time in proving that women, from the cradle to the grave, at all hours and all ages, are sincerely interested in their personal appearance. No man should object to this–the constitutional guarantee referring to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness covers the ground fully. But it is not enough for men […]

His pen is rust, his bones are dust (or soon will be), his soul is with the saints, we trust. Ruskin is to be buried in Westminster Abbey. It is a fine home for a dead man, with Chatham and his great son Pitt in one tomb, and the other great skeletons of a great […]

“Marconi has imagination without being a dreamer.” Thus Mr. Serviss gave an explanation of material achievement and material success on big lines. WITHOUT imagination a man may prosper relatively. He may live comfortably and die contented. But at best such a man will only follow in beaten paths. He will only do what others have […]

A movement is started in Italy to celebrate religiously the close of the nineteenth century. The idea is to erect at different points on the Peninsula nineteen colossal statues of Christ. The statues, one for each century, are to be of cast-iron, gilded, heroic in size. There can be no objection to the idea, since […]

Why is it that comparatively few women find intense enjoyment in life after middle age? Why is it that you cannot duplicate among women such careers in old age as the careers of Spencer, Gladstone, Huxley, or any of the great men whose interest lies in mental activity and mental achievement? One reason is this: […]

It is pathetic to hear women of intelligence arguing in support of woman’s claim to “equality” with man. Of course, woman is really man’s superior in important matters. She is vastly superior morally, beyond any question. She does the greatest work in the world; she gives to earth its thinking population and creates every one […]

An estimable and very intelligent lady criticises modern education, saying, “So much brain is forced into the girl nowadays that it crowds out her heart.” —- At the risk of shattering the foundations of romance and poetry, it must be said here once and for all that the heart has nothing whatever to do with […]

You know what happens in Gounod’s great opera, “Faust,” which is based on Goethe’s work. An old man–his name is Faust–yearns for youth. He gets the youth, makes the devil’s acquaintance, sells his soul to the devil for the devil’s help. In the opera the devil is politely called Mephistopheles. Everybody is beautifully dressed, from […]

In this country and throughout the world women progress toward the full possession of the ballot, and toward equality with men in educational facilities. In one State after another women are beginning to practise law, they are obtaining new suffrage rights, they flock to newly opened schools and colleges. In England and Scotland, but a […]

If you are willing to assume your responsibilities as an American citizen you should study seriously the question of the trusts. Already trust organization has assumed very real and very threatening proportions. Every family in the United States knows of the existence of the Meat Trust, which cuts down the food supply of the people […]

The head of a toad, like the head of a trust, is superficially a hideous thing to look at. Sometimes it is alleged that valuable jewels are found in a toad’s head, and on this account the hideousness even of the far-famed horned toad of the West becomes less repulsive. The trust toad, as you […]

A workman should use the best tools at his command–the workman’s best tool is his ballot. Everything that men want it can give them if used intelligently. The reasons urged against its use by labor unions are conscientious but not strong. They are based upon the fact that labor men fear to trust each other, […]

Look at the coal strike, the opinions that it calls forth, and notice how respectability dances and hops from one foot to the other when the RESPECTABLE shoe pinches and the RESPECTABLE toe suffers. A little while ago the man who spoke against trusts and general monopolies of public necessities was called demagogue, socialist, anarchist, […]

A tidal wave and hurricane combined have destroyed thousands of lives in one small corner of the globe. After the first excitement and horror, the creditable outpouring of help, there should be thankfulness in the hearts of the many millions who live on safely. Do you ever think of the wonderful protection, the marvellous precision […]

The philosophers, political economists, lawmakers, editors, sociologists, and all the other would-be deep thinkers of this earth, are really engaged in a pretty small business. We are like a swarm of human beings cast away on some desert island. This earth is our island, a little island in space, and it is a desert island […]

It is believed by scientists that the planet Mars may be striving at this moment to communicate with us. Lines of light are seen on her surface–on the border of that part of Mars known as Lake Iscarie–and men of learning believe that the Martians are trying to signal our earth. Possibly they are trying. […]

THE MAMMOTH MADE OUR FIRST PATHS THROUGH THE FOREST Every big movement in this world in some way or other does solid good in the long run, however irritating it may be before it is understood. The saddest period in a child’s life is undoubtedly the period of teething. If you saw a baby for […]

Often a man talks about like this: “I am a regular but moderate drinker. No one ever saw me drunk, and yet I drink every day. And what’s the harm of it? Can you see anything the matter with me?” The man would seem to have the advantage of you. You cannot SEE anything wrong […]

Men have explained variously their reasons for drinking to excess. An able architect drank too much every night. He said that he HAD to drink. If he went to bed perfectly sober his mind went on working and dreaming, after he had gone to sleep, and he woke up fatigued and unable to attend to […]

Your friend drinks too much, or drinks temperately but unwisely. You may entreat, or argue, or abuse, or threaten. You may show your friend the happy home where rum never enters. You may lead him through the alcoholic ward at Bellevue. Such sights may produce an impression. But usually they do not. The man who […]

An interesting discussion progresses in Chicago. Mr. Sam T. Clover has asked this startling question: “If you were bound for a desert island, and could take with you only ten books, which ten books would you select?” Whoever is refined and well read in Chicago seems to have answered Mr. Clover’s question. Mr. Clover introduces […]

Consider to-day the CHEERFUL side of conditions on earth. Every human being has his troubles and worries. The luckiest of us all yearns for what cannot be had, and sees much to regret. But one splendid fact should always be borne in mind: THE PROGRESS OF HUMANITY IS INCESSANT. WE ARE INFINITELY BETTER OFF NOW […]

How should a whiskey drinker talk to his son? If he talked as he feels he would hold up the flat, brown bottle and say: “My boy, you know that I am a poor man and have nothing to leave to you or your mother. “The difference between myself and the successful men who have […]

How often have you seen a drunken man stagger along the street! His clothes are soiled from falling, his face is bruised, his eyes are dull. Sometimes he curses the boys that tease him. Sometimes he tries to smile, in a drunken effort to placate pitiless, childish cruelty. His body, worn out, can stand no […]

Everybody knows that until recently the average statesman, the majority of prominent men, in England, drank to excess. Pitt was a drunkard–and Pitt was the most remarkable statesman in England. Fox was a drunkard. In fact, to write a list of England’s greatest men, who lived more than a hundred years ago, would be to […]

You lucky, well-balanced ones talk much, and sincerely, of the horrors of drink, and of the drunkard’s weakness. You think the whiskey drinker ought to stop. Do you ask yourself whether or not he CAN stop? Let us consider to-day the drunkard’s side of the case. —- Very often physical weakness causes drunkenness. Many a […]

On one single day 600 teachers, representing and devoted to the American public school system, sailed for the Philippine Islands. These 600 teachers, men and women, will do more than 6,000 or 6,000,000 soldiers could do with cannon and Gatling guns to civilize and Americanize the new possessions. They will teach the inhabitants FACTS. They […]

We wish to discuss with our readers in this and in later editions of this newspaper the great and serious question of education. It is a question as broad as the ocean, and as deep. It is a question so vast that organized discussion of it seems hopeless. The greatest minds of the world have […]

These are days when men do their hardest work for money, when they scramble and struggle and strike each other down in the effort to reach wealth. And it is not possible to blame them. They are trying to escape from poverty, from a disaster worse than any prairie fire or other physical danger. Dire […]

The very old and very foolish saying, “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing,” is disproved every day. Whenever you hear a man talk about “a little knowledge” ask him what he thinks about the danger of a great deal of IGNORANCE. Tell him this: “THE SCHOOLING OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN, ALL TOLD DID NOT AMOUNT […]

Bresci, who murdered the Italian King, is sentenced to solitary confinement for life. While you read this he sits on a narrow plank in a cell not much bigger than a sleeping-car section. If you talk to any friend about Bresci–and especially if you mention the subject to any young man inclined to be idle–call […]

An old man sits at the end of his life, with money piled up on all sides of him. Years ago he was working hard. All his ability was strained to the utmost pushing back those who strove to pass him on the road up the golden mountain. He enjoyed the conflict, he enjoyed the […]

How shall we approach a prison to see it fairly and to study it intelligently? Let us imagine ourselves visitors from a world outside of this. Far off in infinite space there is a small whirling planet–our earth. Little creatures move about this planet, chained to it by the force of gravity. But they MOVE […]

Many of us feel that crime is the striking feature of modern life, that this century sits among the skulls of crime’s victims, and that Father Time, after all his ages of travel, sees no improvement. But those discouraged by modern crime misunderstand the meaning of events and fail to make a just comparison between […]

ASK YOUR FRIEND WHAT HE WOULD DO IF HE HAD A MILLION A majority of men long for a great deal of money. Each man will tell you that he is struggling along in uncongenial employment; that if he had his way his life would be arranged very differently. Put to any friend this question: […]

PLEASE LISTEN PATIENTLY TO A DISCUSSION OF THE LABOR UNION FROM YOUR POINT OF VIEW. We invite the merchants to consider the question of unions and of high wages from THEIR OWN point of view. If we err in our statements or conclusions we shall be glad to print replies and criticisms from responsible merchants […]

A prosperous and old New York merchant assures a conference of workingmen that England’s great strikes have caused that country to lose its leadership in exports of machinery. If England’s wonderful system of trades unionism has hurt its exports of machinery, if abundance of very cheap slave labor means great industrial superiority, we beg to […]

It should not take long to convince a man fit to live in a republic that public welfare demands the support of Union Labor. No better proof of that could be asked than a spectacle presented in Chicago. ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY contractors have practically locked out ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND men. The contractors […]

Far off in the distance shines the goal of present human ambition. It is a shining, golden light. Toward that light the millions struggle, trampling each other, sacrificing everything in the harsh fight for the dollar. Here and there a preacher thunders, here and there a philosopher proses against the money struggle. But they might […]

The most wonderful thing in America is–what do you think? It is the absolute nullity of the man of many millions. It is the vapid colorlessness, the dull inactivity, the total lack of imagination among men whose power is unlimited. What possibilities are spread out before the man who by signing his name could set […]

A letter signed “Several Democrats from St. Paul” reads, in part, as follows: “In order to convert several rank Republicans it is necessary that we should be able to explain the difference between a trust and a labor union. Will you kindly, through your columns, make a clear explanation of this distinction? Our opponents holdthat […]

The employes on the Paris underground railroad had a strike and have settled their strike. The terms of the settlement amaze the outside world. The terms are especially amazing to the American–and well they may be. The employes of the underground railroad in Paris are GOVERNMENT employes. Their strike inconvenienced the public, and even the […]

WHAT PLANS HAS THE FIVE-DOLLAR-A-DAY MAN MADE TO HELP HIS POORER FELLOW-CREATURES? Every addition within reason to wages, every reasonable reduction of working hours, must help the whole nation. Working human beings have been looked upon through the ages as slaves, either on an actual slave-owning basis or on an insufficient wage basis–which is about […]

WISELY HANDLED, IT MEANS EMANCIPATION FROM INDUSTRIAL SLAVERY. We refer again to the much discussed rule in labor unions limiting the amount of work that a man shall do in a day. As a matter of fact, in many unions no such rule exists. In some it does exist, and MUST exist. There is nothing […]

“There be three things which are too wonderful for me; yea, four which I know not. “The way of an eagle in the air; the way of a serpent upon a rock; THE WAY OF A SHIP IN THE MIDST OF THE SEA, and the way of a man with a maid.” At sunset a […]

The widow says to the mine owner: “Here he is, dead–killed working for you. Where were you when he was killed? Driving in your carriage, enjoying the difference between his EARNINGS and his PAY. Was one dollar and thirty cents per day too much to pay him for this risk? Was it too much to […]

THERE’S A GOOD DEAL OF NONSENSE TALKED ON THIS SUBJECT An honest, well-meaning clergyman talked the other day on labor unions, and wandered out of his depth. As a rule, clergymen, having studied the teachings of Christ, are aware that they ought to be on the side of the workingman. Hence the strongest supporters of […]

Men were working on the roof of a Pennsylvania ferryhouse, overhanging the North River on the Jersey side. The passengers on one of the big ferryboats watched with admiration the work of the fearless young mechanics. The men stood on a board not more than a foot wide. They had nothing to hold to. Sixty […]

This editorial is not written for women. It is written for MEN, and for boys; for the millions who fail to appreciate the work that mothers do, for the millions that ignore the self-sacrifice and devotion upon which society is based. On a hot night, in the dusty streets of a dirty city, you see […]

For “buyers” in big stores, For clerks in little stores, For office boys, For typewriters, reporters, car conductors, household domestics, for all who are hired to work for others, this article is intended. There is no greater mistake than skimping your work–BECAUSE YOU ARE WORKING FOR ANOTHER, AND FEAR YOU MAY DO TOO MUCH. For […]

If you live in the suburbs you devote perhaps two hours each day to travel. Two hours per day means practically one-fifth of your active life. How many readers make any use of those two hours, and feel each day that they have been well spent? —- Instead of being wasted, those hours should be […]

Two centuries back a young man of twenty-three sat in the quiet of the evening–THINKING. His body was quiet; his vitality, his life, all his powers, were centred in his brain. Above, the moon shone, and around him rustled the branches of the trees in his father’s orchard. From one of the trees an apple […]

We talk of civilization as though it necessarily implied improvement. Civilization means the school and the library, but it also means the prison and the poorhouse. Two short stories illustrate different views of what we call civilization: Aristippus was a young Greek gentleman of large means, genuine intellectual power, a sense of humor and a […]

A half-developed being like man, hanging midway between primitive barbarism and ultimate perfection, should study the insect tribes which appear to have realized the possibilities of development in their line. The study of the ant and the bee, the spider and the scorpion should fill us with hope. We should say to ourselves: “If these […]

If you had choice of all qualities which man can possess, which three would you declare most important? This question is submitted as interesting every man. We give our answer; if yours is different, send it here. —- SELF-CONTROL. JUSTICE. IMAGINATION. Those we think the most important elements in the human character. A man fully […]

We inflict a piece of advice upon our readers. It is intended especially for the young, who have still to get their growth, whose characters and possibilities are forming. GET AWAY FROM THE CROWD WHEN YOU CAN. KEEP YOURSELF TO YOURSELF, IF ONLY FOR A FEW HOURS DAILY. —- Full individual growth, special development, rounded […]

Time has no real existence. Yet time is man’s most precious possession. Time is defined as a “succession of events.” What we call an hour means certain movements in the machinery of a watch. What we call a day means one revolution of the earth upon its axis, the turning of its surface toward the […]

LET IT BE SCATTERED AS IT WAS GATHERED Did you ever think about the construction of the body which you inhabit? Did it ever occur to you that your shoulders and hands and chest and legs and lungs are made of contributions from widely different parts of the earth? Your brain, a wonderfully complex machine, […]

HAPHAZARD REFLECTIONS ON GRAVE TOPICS. At stated times we mortals have stated visitations. One day it is the grippe, next day the financial problem. Just now it is the marriage and divorce question, with much learned expounding by the good and the pure, such as bishops and members of Sorosis. —- What is marriage? How […]

What a fortunate thing it is that men want to work and like to live! Suppose for a moment that the out-of-work, hungry, unlucky creatures, numbering one hundred thousand in New York City, should suddenly change their character. It is a harmless supposition, as it implies that a great body of good, though unlucky, men […]

For six million years, during the carboniferous period, the tree ferns dropped their pollen dust to the earth forming coal beds which now cook our dinners and incidentally make J. Pierpont Morgan so prosperous. A good deal of useless anxiety has been devoted to the questions: What will the human race do when the coal […]

On a corner of Rector street, down near the river, a loud drum was beating. A guitar and a tambourine competed shrilly with the drum’s dull booming. Slowly a careless crowd gathered round the Salvation Army workers. There were bare-headed women, little girls holding little babies in their arms, sailors drunk, and one or two […]

DID THIS VIEW OF IT EVER OCCUR TO YOU? Much interest just now in CRIMINALS. Much horror aroused by depravity. Many plans more or less appropriate for making the air pure. Many good men, politicians, women and bishops, who spent the Summer at the seaside willing now to spend a few days wiping “CRIME” off […]

HOW WILD SUPERSTITION SETTLES DOWN INTO SCIENTIFIC REALITY Everybody knows something of the peculiarities of the magnet. As a boy you led tiny painted ducks around the water basin, holding a magnet in your hand, or you owned a horseshoe magnet that would pick up nails and needles. You know now in a general kind […]

We all have our moments of imagining ourselves INDEPENDENT characters. We take pride in our independence and are never as foolish as when trying to prove how independent we are. Every man, to begin with, is born absolutely at the mercy of his ancestry. You have not a thing in you, and you never will […]

BIG WORK AHEAD FOR MAN, KIND FRIENDS There is a great deal of water on this earth of ours and a great deal of land underneath it. All the treasures of these hidden plains are simply put away for our future use by bountiful nature, as prudent parents put money in the savings bank for […]

You get tired of reading editorials in which one man, spouting from his editorial pulpit, lays down the law for you–without giving you a chance to reply or contradict. So let us write this editorial together. There you sit–the reader–in your street car, or perhaps clinging to a strap, and here we sit, impersonal editorial […]

The street railroad company in the Borough of Brooklyn has just executed some leases to endure 999 years. Leases of property have also been made for the same period, though, of course, a lease of 999 years will be about as binding 999 years from now as would a lease of the great pyramid executed […]

As you cross the Atlantic by the Southern route the “sighting of the Azores” is one incident of your voyage. Just before daybreak the ship is shaking and the passengers roused by the deep tones of the big steam whistle. One by one shivering forms straggle up from below, like reluctant spirits answering a premature […]

ZANGWILL’S IDEA IS FALSE–WHY CHESS PLAYING STUNTS GENIUS Mr. Zangwill’s keen intellect, straining hard for striking pictures and word effects, sees falsely the great general of the future. He says: “The Napoleon of the future will be an epileptic chess player, carried about the field of battle on an air cushion.” In this condensed, picturesque […]

Thanksgiving Day, November 27, 1902. Let us be thankful first of all for one great right: The right, when dissatisfied, to SAY that we are dissatisfied, and to try to make things better. Let us be thankful that every man–with few exceptions–has a holiday to-day. However bad our national affairs may seem, let us be […]

Thought lives through the ages, flies about over the earth, and goes on visiting fresh minds, after the mind that gave it birth has gone back to dust and nothingness. An Italian wrote words to this effect: “Man is commanded to forgive his enemies. Nowhere is imposed on him the far more difficult task of […]

When Solomon was gathering his materials to build the Temple, his, large cedar trunks from Lebanon and his costly materials from everywhere, he used oxen, mules, camels. With all his wisdom, he little dreamed that the day would come when his descendants, instead of using mules and huge beasts of burden, would heat water and […]

This is an editorial which we shall merely suggest, and which each reader will write out for himself. In the Zoological Garden of New York a poor elephant has stood in chains for years. The animal was thought to be vicious, and was kept fastened tightly to one spot, that it might have no leeway […]

At first the baby lies fiat on his back, eyes staring up at the ceiling. By and by he gets tired of lying on his back. DISCONTENT with his condition makes him wriggle and wriggle. At last he succeeds in turning over. If he were contented then, there would be no men on earth–only huge […]

One of the commonest and most disagreeable sights in a big city is that of a strong, brutal human being beating a weak and overworked horse because it refuses to do what it cannot do. Brutality inflicted upon horses is atrocious. But the bad effect of such unkind treatment of animals on HUMAN CHARACTER is […]

“For that which befalleth the sons of men, befalleth beasts; even one thing befalleth them; as the one dieth, so dieth the other; YEA, THEY HAVE ALL ONE BREATH; SO THAT A MAN HATH NO PRE-EMINENCE ABOVE A BEAST: for all is vanity. “Who knoweth the spirit of man that goeth upward, and the SPIRIT […]

A SUNDAY SERMON “Suffer the little children to come unto me; and forbid them not; for of such is the Kingdom of God.”–Mark X., 14. Jesus gave to the child its place in the world’s society. With all the power of divine authority He built around the feeblest among us a wall that has protected […]

“Then the Lord answered Job out of the whirlwind and said . . . . Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth? Declare, if thou hast understanding.”–Job xxxviii. 1, 4. Since men have lived on earth their feeble intellects have struggled to realize the majesty of God. Succeeding nations and civilizations […]

AND SHALL WE MOVE ON TO THE SUN SOME FINE DAY? The most interesting questions are such as these: Whence did we come? Whither are we going? And, by the way, what are we? Are we of any true importance? Are we a permanent part of the universal scheme, privileged to move along through the […]

THE THOUGHT– To live content with small means; to seek elegance rather than luxury, and refinement rather than fashion; to be worthy, not respectable, and wealthy, not, rich; to listen to stars and birds, babes and sages, with open heart; to study hard; to think quietly, act frankly, talk gently, await occasions, hurry never; in […]

The notion that small things, the petty details of life, such as money getting, marriage questions, etc., are uppermost in the modern human brain is entirely false. If an editor asks: “Is marriage a failure?” he receives just so many answers, and then the interest dies out. If he asks: “Should a wife have pin […]

The annual report of the gambling house at Monte Carlo shows a profit of about $5,000,000. A large collection of human beings travel from all parts of the world to Monte Carlo for the sake of giving $5,000,000 to the gambling concern there. Wherever you look on earth to-day or in the past you find […]

HOW CAN WE HOPE TO UNDERSTAND GOD? Is there laughter in heaven–or can nothing move the eternalheavenly calm? If mirth exists among the perpetually blissful, how must theangels laugh when in idle moments they listen to our speculationsconcerning the Divinity? They peer down at us as we look at antsdragging home a fragment of dead […]

All our longings for immortality, all our plans for immortal life are based on the hope that Divine Providence will condescend to let us live in another world as we live here. Each of us wants to be himself in the future life, and to see his friends as he knew them. We want to […]

Three drops of water, stranded in a crevice on the side of an inland mountain, talked in this way: First Drop–“They say there is an ocean whence we came and to which we shall return.” Second Drop–“They say we three drops are made in the image of that ocean; that as far as we go, […]