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Increase Our Faith
by [?]

‘Lord, increase our faith.’ –LUKE xvii, 5.


INCREASE our faith, beloved Lord!
For Thou alone canst give
The faith that takes Thee at Thy word,
The faith by which we live.


Increase our faith! So weak are we,
That we both may and must
Commit our very faith to Thee,
Entrust to Thee our trust.


Increase our faith! for there is yet
Much land to be possessed;
And by no other strength we get
Our heritage of rest.


Increase our faith! On this broad shield
‘All’ fiery darts be caught;
We must be victors in the field
Where Thou for us hast fought


Increase our faith, that we may claim
Each starry promise sure,
And always triumph in Thy name,
And to the end endure.


Increase our faith, O Lord, we pray,
That we may not depart
From Thy commands, but all obey
With free and loyal heart.


Increase our faith–increase it still–
From heavenward hour to hour,
And in us gloriously ‘fulfil
The work of faith with power.’


Increase our faith, that never dim
Or trembling it may be,
Crowned with the ‘perfect peace’ of him
‘Whose mind is stayed on Thee.’


Increase our faith, for Thou hast prayed
That it should never fail;
Our stedfast anchorage is made
With Thee, within the veil.


Increase our faith, that unto Thee
More fruit may still abound;
That it may grow ‘exceedingly,’
And to Thy praise be found.


Increase our faith, O Saviour dear,
By Thy sweet sovereign grace,
Till, changing faith for vision clear,
We see Thee face to face!