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When Age Comes On
by [?]

When Age comes on!–
The deepening dusk is where the dawn
Once glittered splendid, and the dew
In honey-drips, from red rose-lips
Was kissed away by me and you.–
And now across the frosty lawn
Black foot-prints trail, and Age comes on–
And Age comes on!
And biting wild-winds whistle through
Our tattered hopes–and Age comes on!

When Age comes on!–
O tide of raptures, long withdrawn,
Flow back in summer-floods, and fling
Here at our feet our childhood sweet,
And all the songs we used to sing!…
Old loves, old friends–all dead and gone–
Our old faith lost–and Age comes on–
And Age comes on!
Poor hearts! have we not anything
But longings left when Age comes on!