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We’re All Right Here!
by [?]

What’s th’ meanin’ of the look you see in soldiers’ eyes?
Some of them you thought would kick an’ stall around an’ howl;
But just listen (if they’ll talk) an’ hear, to your surprise,
A lot of laughs, a lot o’ tales–but never once a growl!

Business man and bell hop,
Farmer boy and clerk;
Easy-going spendthrifts,
Men that have to work;
Firemen and brokers,
Chauffeurs still “in gear”;
The army is the melting pot–
We’re all right here!

Desk men and road men,
Men who sweep the street;
Coal men and plumbers
(If they have good feet);
Showmen and film stars,
All have mislaid fear.
Funny crowd; but we should fret–
We’re all right here!

Keen men and dull men,
Razor-edged or dumb,
High-grade and low-grade,
Some, plain medium;
Feet upon the drill-ground,
Hearts all beating high;
You are glad that you are here,
And so, old top, am I!

That’s the meaning of the call; ev’ry man is proud
He is in the common cause, with a bunch of men
Fighting for democracy, lined up with this crowd–
God! It’s pretty nifty just to be a man again!