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To His Saviour’s Sepulchre: His Devotion
by [?]

Hail, holy and all-honour’d tomb,
By no ill haunted; here I come,
With shoes put off, to tread thy room.
I’ll not profane by soil of sin
Thy door as I do enter in;
For I have washed both hand and heart,
This, that, and every other part,
So that I dare, with far less fear
Than full affection, enter here.
Thus, thus I come to kiss Thy stone
With a warm lip and solemn one:
And as I kiss I’ll here and there
Dress Thee with flow’ry diaper.
How sweet this place is! as from hence
Flowed all Panchaia’s frankincense;
Or rich Arabia did commix,
Here, all her rare aromatics.
Let me live ever here, and stir
No one step from this sepulchre.
Ravish’d I am! and down I lie
Confused in this brave ecstasy.
Here let me rest; and let me have
This for my heaven that was Thy grave:
And, coveting no higher sphere,
I’ll my eternity spend here.

Panchaia, a fabulous spice island in the Erythrean Sea.