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To His Saviour, A Child; A Present, By A Child
by [?]

Go, pretty child, and bear this flower
Unto thy little Saviour;
And tell Him by that bud now blown,
He is a Rose of Sharon known.
When thou hast said so, stick it there
Upon His bib or stomacher;
And tell Him, for good handsel too,
That thou hast brought a whistle new,
Made of a clean, strait oaten reed
To charm His cries at time of need.
Tell Him for coral thou hast none,
But if thou had’st He should have one;
But poor thou art, and known to be
Even as moneyless as He.
Lastly, if thou can’st win a kiss
From those mellifluous lips of His,
Then never take a second on
To spoil the first impression.