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Three Prayers For Sleep And Waking
by [?]



Ere thou sleepest gently lay
Every troubled thought away:
Put off worry and distress
As thou puttest off thy dress:
Drop thy burden and thy care
In the quiet arms of prayer.

Lord, Thou knowest how I live,
All I’ve done amiss forgive:
All of good I’ve tried to do,
Strengthen, bless, and carry through,
All I love in safety keep,
While in Thee I fall asleep.



If slumber should forsake
Thy pillow in the dark,
Fret not thyself to mark
How long thou liest awake.
There is a better way;
Let go the strife and strain,
Thine eyes will close again,
If thou wilt only pray.

Lord, Thy peaceful gift restore,
Give my body sleep once more:
While I wait my soul will rest
Like a child upon Thy breast.



Ere thou risest from thy bed,
Speak to God Whose wings were spread
O’er thee in the helpless night:
Lo, He wakes thee now with light!
Lift thy burden and thy care
In the mighty arms of prayer.

Lord, the newness of this day
Calls me to an untried way:
Let me gladly take the road,
Give me strength to bear my load,
Thou my guide and helper be–
I will travel through with Thee.

The Mission Inn, California, Easter, 1913.