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The Vow Forsworn
by [?]

Unweariedly he watches for the sign,
The sign I promised from the farthest goal,
My lover of a world no longer mine,
My human lover with his human soul.

Unweariedly he waits from day to day,
Nor knows, as I know now, that when we meet,
‘Twill be as dewdrop on the hawthorn spray,–
The ultimate of God at last complete.

He still remembers that my eyes were blue,
Still dreams the autumn russet of my hair;
“In God’s own time,” he said, “I’ll come to you;
You will be waiting; I will find you there!”

But now I know that he must never hear
The message that I promised to impart,
For should I breathe the secret in his ear
His soul would hearken–but ‘twould break his heart!