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The ‘Skeeter Fleet
by [?]

Mighty little doin’–yet a lot to do–
While the navy’s standin’ guard, we are lookin’ out;
Patrol boats in shoals, good old craft and new
Hustle here and skitter there–what’s it all about?

Speed boats and slow boats
Loaf around or run,
But ev’ry unit of this fleet
Mounts a wicked gun!

Pleasure craft a-plenty, all dolled up in gray
Grim and ugly war-paint dress, we’re a gloomy lot,
Slidin’ in and out, never in the way.
Gosh! It’s wearin’ on the nerves, waitin’ round–for what?

Some boats are bum boats,
Layin’ for the Hun–
But ev’ry boat that flies our Flag
Mounts a wicked gun!

Stickin’ for the Big Show! Will it ever start?
When it does, Good night, Irene! We won’t make a squeak.
“Boy Scouts of the Sea,” watch us do our part
If a raider or a sub. gives us just a peek!

Tin boats and wood boats–
Ev’ry single one
Longs to get in action with
Its wicked little gun!