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The Praise Of God
by [?]


Unto the seer, Isaiah, it was given
That, in the spirit, he saw the Lord of heaven
Up on a lofty throne, in radiance bright;
The skirt of his garment filled the temple quite;
Two seraphs at his side were standing there;
Six wings, he saw, each one of them did wear:
Two over their bright visages did meet,
With two of them they covered up their feet,
And with the other twain abroad did fly.
Each to the other called with a great cry,
Holy is God, the Lord of Zebaoth!
Holy is God, the Lord of Zebaoth!
Holy is God, the Lord of Zebaoth!
His glory great the whole world filled hath.
At the loud cry the beams and threshold shook,
And the whole house was full of cloud and smoke.



The first Choir.–Lord God, thee praise do we.
The second Choir.–Lord, we give thanks to thee.

1. Thee, Father, eternal God,
2. Earth praises, far and broad.
1. All angels and heaven’s host,
2. All that in thy service boast,
1. The cherubim and seraphim
2. Sing thee ever with lofty hymn:
1. Holy is our Lord God!
2. Holy is our Lord God!

Both Choirs.–Holy is our God, the Lord of Sabaoth.

1. Thy godlike might and lordship go
2. Wide over heaven and earth below.
1. To thee the holy twelve do call,
2. And thy beloved prophets all:
1. The precious martyrs, with one voice,
2. Praise thee, O Lord, with mighty noise.
1. From all thy worthy Christendom
2. To thee each day thy praises come;
1. To Thee, the Father, on highest throne,
2. Thy true and only-begotten Son;
1. The holy Comforter always,
2. With service true they thank and praise.
1. Thou, king of glory, Christ, alone
2. Art the Father’s eternal Son;
1. Didst not the virgin’s womb despise,
2. That so the human race might rise;
1. Thou on the might of Death didst tread,
2. And Christians all to heaven dost lead.
1. Thou sittest now at God’s right hand,
2. With glory of all i’ th’ heavenly land;
1. The hour shall come when thou shalt yet
2. To judge the dead and living sit;
1. Now to thy servants help afford,
2. Ransomed with thy dear blood, O Lord;
1. Let us in heaven have our dole,
2. And with the holy be always whole.
1. Thy folk, Lord Christ, help and advance,
2. And bless thine own inheritance;
1. Them watch and ward, Lord, every day,
2. And lift them always up, we pray.
1. Daily, Lord God, we honour thee,
2. And praise thy name continually.
1. O God of truth, keep us this day
2. From every sin and evil way.
1. Be gracious to us, Lord, we plead–
2. Be gracious to us in every need.
1. Show unto us thy pitying grace,
2. For all our hope in thee we place.
1. Dear Lord, our hope is in thy name;
2. Let us be never put to shame. Amen.