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The Pirate Poodle
by [?]

Once there was a Pirate Poodle,
And he sailed the briny seas
From the land of Yankee Doodle
Southward to the Caribbees.

He would boast with tales outlandish,
Of his valor and renown;
And his cutlass he would brandish
With a fearful pirate frown.

So ferocious was his manner
All his crew looked on, aghast;
And his fearful pirate banner
Floated from his pirate mast.

He reiterated proudly
Naught had power to make him quail;
Yet when thunder roared too loudly
He would turn a trifle pale.

And he turned a little paler
When there came a sudden squall;
For this funny little sailor
Was ridiculously small.

And whene’er a storm portended
He’d betake himself below.
So much fear and courage blended
Did a pirate ever show?