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The Penalty Of Genius
by [?]

“When little ‘Pollus Morton he’s
A-go’ to speak a piece, w’y, nen
The Teacher smiles an’ says ‘at she’s
Most proud, of all her little men
An’ women in her school–’cause ‘Poll
He allus speaks the best of all.

An’ nen she’ll pat him on the cheek,
An’ hold her finger up at you
Before he speak’; an’ when he speak’
It’s ist some piece she learn’ him to!
‘Cause he’s her favorite…. An’ she
Ain’t pop’lar as she ust to be!

When ‘Pollus Morton speaks, w’y, nen
Ist all the other childern knows
They’re smart as him an’ smart-again!–
Ef they can’t speak an’ got fine clo’es,
Their Parunts loves ’em more ‘n ‘Poll-
Us Morton, Teacher, speech, an’ all!