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The Obdurate Beauty
by [?]

(“A Juana la Grenadine!”)

[XXIX., October, 1843.]

To Juana ever gay,
Sultan Achmet spoke one day
“Lo, the realms that kneel to own
Homage to my sword and crown
All I’d freely cast away,
Maiden dear, for thee alone.”

“Be a Christian, noble king!
For it were a grievous thing:
Love to seek and find too well
In the arms of infidel.
Spain with cry of shame would ring,
If from honor faithful fell.”

“By these pearls whose spotless chain,
Oh, my gentle sovereign,
Clasps thy neck of ivory,
Aught thou askest I will be,
If that necklace pure of stain
Thou wilt give for rosary.”

Translated by JOHN L. O’SULLIVAN.