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The Newly Dead
by [?]


With the light just quenched in their eyes
They lie in their graves ‘neath the skies,
And the fresh clod rests
Heavy upon their breasts.
The white rose dies
Upon the new-made mound, and underneath
The lily shrivels in the shriveling hand.
Pale guests of sovereign Death,
They sought their silent beds at his command,
And it seems
Strange that their life-long dreams
Shall find them no more,–never bid them arise
And go forth with a glory in their eyes.


Still, voiceless, cold,
They lie in their shrouds and hold
The crumbling links that make
A chain for Memory’s sake,
Broken, alas! too soon.
Blithe morn and brazen noon
And eve with garb of gray and gold,
Know them no more in the dark ways they take.
They have forgot the sun,
And the fiery worlds that run
About it. Something–(what, let no man say,)–
Begot of mystery is in mystery done:
The rest shall be with them and God alway.