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The Light Celestial
by [?]

(Written on the ter-centenary of John Milton, December 9, 1908.)

Immortal singer, in whose glorious brain
Unearthly melodies were born to make
A nocturn for the blessed Master’s sake,
I see thee pass through heaven’s gates again;
I hear thee singing that majestic strain,
Which soothed the heart affliction could not break,
And proved the faith no worldly ills could shake;
And then I see thee join God’s holy train,
But, wonder of all wonders! where the light
Breaks from a thousand suns, the seraphs, shod
With flaming sandals, lead thee; and my sight
Dims with the vision, till fresh from His rod,
I see thee lift those orbs, once quenched in night,
And gaze into the steadfast eyes of God!