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The Ladies’ Man
by [?]

Billy is a ladies’ man; Billy dances fine
(Always was a bear-cat at the game);
Billy pulls the social stuff all along the line–
But he knows this business, just the same.

He can march; he can drill
As hard as any rook;
And he knows his manual
Without his little book.

Maybe he was soft at first–ev’rybody’s that;
Golfing was his hardest labor then;
Now he’s in the Service (where you don’t grow fat),
Digging, drilling, like us other men.

He can eat, he can sleep
Like any healthy brute–
And the Captain says that Billy-boy
Is learning how to shoot!

When he joined the Training Camp, Billy says, “No doubt,
I will draw some clerical position;”
But he’s shown he can command ; so–the news is out–
He will get a regular commission!

He can talk; he can dance
(He is still the ladies’ pet)
But the way he barks his orders out
Gets action, you c’n bet!