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The Hosanna; or Salvation Ascribed To Christ
by [?]

Long Metre.

Hosanna to king David’s Son,
Who reigns on a superior Throne;
We bless the Prince of Heav’nly Birth,
Who brings Salvation down to Earth.

Let every nation, every age,
In this delightful work engage;
Old Men and Babes in Sion sing
The growing glories of her King!

Common Metre.

Hosanna to the Prince of Grace;
Sion behold thy King;
Proclaim the Son of David’s Race,
And teach the Babes to sing.

Hosanna to th’ Eternal Word,
Who from the Father came;
Ascribe Salvation to the Lord,
With Blessings on his Name!

Short Metre.

Hosanna to the Son
Of David and of God,
Who brought the News of Pardon down,
And bought it with his Blood.

To Christ, th’ anointed King,
Be endless blessings giv’n,
Let the whole Earth his Glory sing
Who made our Peace with Heav’n.

Glory to the Father and the Son, etc.

Long Metre.

To God the Father, God the Son,
And God the Spirit, Three in One,
Be Honour, Praise, and Glory giv’n,
By all on Earth, and all in Heav’n.

Common Metre.

Now let the Father and the Son,
And Spirit be ador’d,
Where there are works to make him known,
Or saints to love the Lord.

Short Metre.

Give to the Father Praise,
Give Glory to the Son,
And to the Spirit of his Grace
Be equal Honour done.