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The Hoodoo
by [?]

Owned a pair o’ skates onc’t.–Traded
Fer ’em,–stropped ’em on and waded
Up and down the crick, a-waitin’
Tel she’d freeze up fit fer skatin’.
Mildest winter I remember–
More like Spring- than Winter-weather!–
Did n’t frost tel bout December-
Git up airly ketch a’ feather
Of it, mayby, ‘crost the winder–
Sunshine swinge it like a cinder!

Well–I waited–and kep‘ waitin’!
Couldn’t see my money’s w’oth in
Them-air skates and was no skatin’,
Ner no hint o’ ice ner nothin’!
So, one day–along in airly
Spring–I swopped ’em off–and barely
Closed the dicker, ‘fore the weather
Natchurly jes slipped the ratchet,
And crick–tail-race–all together,
Froze so tight cat couldn’t scratch it!