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The Home Of Death
by [?]

“Death, whaur do ye bide, auld Death?”
“I bide in ilka breath,”
Quo’ Death;
“No i’ the pyramids,
No whaur the wormie rids
‘Neth coffin-lids;
I bidena whaur life has been,
An’ whaur’s nae mair to be dune.”

“Death, whaur do ye bide, auld Death?”
“Wi’ the leevin, to dee ‘at are laith,”
Quo’ Death;
“Wi’ the man an’ the wife
‘At loo like life,
Bot strife;
Wi’ the bairns ‘at hing to their mither,
Wi’ a’ ‘at loo ane anither.”

“Death, whaur do ye bide, auld Death?”
“Abune an’ aboot an’ aneth,”
Quo’ Death;
“But o’ a’ the airts
An’ o’ a’ the pairts,
In herts–
Whan the tane to the tither says, Na,
An’ the north win’ begins to blaw.”