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The Gypsy Lover
by [?]

DOT vos a schwartz Zigeuner[1]
Dot on a viddle played,
Und oonderneat’ a fenster
He mak’t a serenade.

Dot vos a lofely gountess
Who heardt de gypsy blay’n.
Said she, “Who make dot musik
Vot sound so wunderscheen?”

Dot vos de schwartz Zigainer
Who vos fery quick to twig;
Und he song a mournvoll pallad
How his hearts vos proken – big!

Dot vos de lofely gountess
Said, “Dell me who you are?”
He saidt, “Mein name is Janosch,
De Lord of Temesvar.”

Dot vos de lofely gountess
Said, “Come more near to me,
I vants to dalk on piz’ness:
I’ll trow you down de key.”

Dot vos de moon kept lightin’
De gountess in her room,
Boot somedings moost have vrighten
De minstrel tid not coom.

Dot vos a treadfool oudgry
Ven early in de morn
Dey foundt de hens vos missin,
Und all de wash vos gone!

Dot vos a schwartz Zigeuner
Vot sot oopon de dirt
A-eatin roasted schickens
All in a new glean shirt.

That was a dark young gypsy.