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The Grandest Theme
by [?]

The grandest theme for tongue, or pen,
Is not the heavens supernal;
Nor mighty deeds of God-like men,
Though they may be eternal;

Nor Alpine heights, nor lovely vale,
With brooks and grazing cattle;
Nor awful roar of rushing gale,
Beyond the noise of battle;

Nor clashing arms, nor trembling earth;
Nor heaving waves of ocean;
Nor record of a nation’s birth;
Nor heaven’s cloud-cars in motion.

The grandest theme, for tongue, or pen,
Above all else in glory;
Which suits alike, all sinful men,
Is the sweet Gospel story,

Which tells me of my Saviour’s love
And infinite compassion,
Which brought Him from His throne above
To Calvary’s cross and passion.

And now the holy angels sing,
With blood-washed souls in glory,
A song which makes heaven’s arches ring
About this Gospel story.