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The Golden Shoes
by [?]

The winds are lashing on the sea;
The roads are blind with storm.
And it’s far and far away with me;
So bide you there, stay warm.
It’s forth I must, and forth to-day;
And I have no path to choose.
The highway hill, it is my way still.–
Give me my golden shoes.

God gave them me on that first day
I knew that I was young.
And I looked far forth, from west to north;
And I heard the Songs unsung.

This cloak is worn too threadbare thin,
But ah, how weatherwise!
This girdle serves to bind it in;
What heed of wondering eyes?–
And yet beside, I wear one pride
–Too bright, think you, to use?–
That I must wear, and still keep fair.–
Give here my golden shoes.

God gave them me, on that first day
I heard the Stars all chime.
And I looked forth far, from road to star;
And I knew it was far to climb.

They would buy me house and hearth, no doubt,
And the mirth to spend and share;
Could I sell that gift, and go without,
Or wear–what neighbors wear.
But take my staff, my purse, my scrip;
For I have one thing to choose.
For you,–Godspeed! May you soothe your need.
For me, my golden shoes!

He gave them me, that far, first day
When I heard all Songs unsung.
And I looked far forth, from west to north.
God saw that I was young!