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The Givers
by [?]

“I’ve given a lot of my time and work

To helping my country,” says he;

“No one can tell you that I am a shirk

In the great cause of Liberty!”

(Perhaps you have met him?

Well, then, forget him!)

John Lampas was a Greek,
John Lampas isn’t now;
He’s just a plain American
And eating soldier chow.
He joined the army recently,
But first–he gave away
His touring car, his watch, his cash
To the Red Cross one day,
And then enlisted. “That’s all I can do,”
He said; “and I’m glad to give it, for true!”

He doesn’t ask for praise,
For jollies, or for guff;
He gave because this land gave him
A chance –which was enough!
He hasn’t got a dollar;
He’s just a khakied man,
But, somehow, he seems mighty like
A true American!
His cash and his watch and his auto he gave,
And then himself. Was that foolish, or brave?

So when I hear that other chap

Congratulate himself because

He gave “some time”–I’d like to rap

Him once across his selfish paws!

(Because I have met him–

I want to forget him!)