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The Busy Lady
by [?]

We meet ev’ry week to make surgical dressings–
And one woman does it dead wrong;
I watched her a day–then I just had to say,
“My dear! If I may–that’s too long!”
While I was explaining the teacher came by–
She’s so cross that her mouth’s just a line
And found fault with me and my work….
After that
I’ll mind no one’s business but mine!

To-day I was filling my neighbor’s slow mind
With War-Garden ideas and lore,
When a dog I don’t know just ruined mine–so
I’ll not advise her any more!
Then a talk that I gave to the Home Service Group
On “Waste” was quite spoiled–though ’twas fine–
By my bread burning up while I talked….
After this
I’ll mind no one’s business but mine!

At a lecture on “Hospital Units at Work”
A woman (who looked fifty-three)
Ere the talk had begun started crying….
Her son
Has gone, she confided to me.
“But you should be brave and ‘buck up’,” I remarked.
“And yours ?” she asked…. How did she divine
That I am not married?… Oh, well, after this
I’ll mind no one’s business–b-but mine!