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The Boy-King’s Prayer
by [?]

(“Le cheval galopait toujours.”)

[Bk. XV. ii. 10.]

The good steed flew o’er river and o’er plain,
Till far away,–no need of spur or rein.
The child, half rapture, half solicitude,
Looks back anon, in fear to be pursued;
Shakes lest some raging brother of his sire
Leap from those rocks that o’er the path aspire.

On the rough granite bridge, at evening’s fall,
The white horse paused by Compostella’s wall,
(‘Twas good St. James that reared those arches tall,)
Through the dim mist stood out each belfry dome,
And the boy hailed the paradise of home.

Close to the bridge, set on high stage, they meet
A Christ of stone, the Virgin at his feet.
A taper lighted that dear pardoning face,
More tender in the shade that wrapped the place,
And the child stayed his horse, and in the shine
Of the wax taper knelt down at the shrine.

“O, my good God! O, Mother Maiden sweet!”
He said, “I was the worm beneath men’s feet;
My father’s brethren held me in their thrall,
But Thou didst send the Paladin of Gaul,
O Lord! and show’dst what different spirits move
The good men and the evil; those who love
And those who love not. I had been as they,
But Thou, O God! hast saved both life and soul to-day.
I saw Thee in that noble knight; I saw
Pure light, true faith, and honor’s sacred law,
My Father,–and I learnt that monarchs must
Compassionate the weak, and unto all be just.
O Lady Mother! O dear Jesus! thus
Bowed at the cross where Thou didst bleed for us,
I swear to hold the truth that now I learn,
Leal to the loyal, to the traitor stern,
And ever just and nobly mild to be,
Meet scholar of that Prince of Chivalry;
And here Thy shrine bear witness, Lord, for me.”

The horse of Roland, hearing the boy tell
His vow, looked round and spoke: “O King, ’tis well!”
Then on the charger mounted the child-king,
And rode into the town, while all the bells ‘gan ring.

Translated by Dublin University Magazine