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The Blossoms On The Trees
by [?]

Blossoms crimson, white, or blue,
Purple, pink, and every hue,
From sunny skies, to tintings drowned
In dusky drops of dew,
I praise you all, wherever found,
And love you through and through;–
But, Blossoms On The Trees,
With your breath upon the breeze,
There’s nothing all the world around
As half as sweet as you!

Could the rhymer only wring
All the sweetness to the lees
Of all the kisses clustering
In juicy Used-to-bes,
To dip his rhymes therein and sing
The blossoms on the trees,–
“O Blossoms on the Trees,”
He would twitter, trill and coo,
“However sweet, such songs as these
Are not as sweet as you:–
For you are blooming melodies
The eyes may listen to!”