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The Admiral’s Return
by [?]

(Written on the occasion of the bringing of the body of Admiral John Paul Jones to the United States for reburial.)

Brave ships are these that bear thee home again
From under far-off skies–brave flags that fly
Above the deck whereon thine ashes lie,
Waiting their urn beyond the alien main;
The nations pause to view thy funeral train
As slowly moving up ‘twixt sea and sky
It comes with stately pomp, and Liberty
Holds out her hands and calls thy name in vain.
And yet, mayhap, in vision vague and sweet,
Another sight thou seest beyond the boast
Of patriot pride–beside the new-born fleet,
Spectral and strange, no guest for such a host,
Yet making thy home-coming all complete,
The old “Bon Homme Richard’s” unlaid ghost.