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"Take Care Of Him"
by [?]

“Thou whom I love, for whom I died,
Lovest thou Me, My bride?”–
Low on my knees I love Thee, Lord,
Believed in and adored.

“That I love thee the proof is plain:
How dost thou love again?”–
In prayer, in toil, in earthly loss,
In a long-carried cross.

“Yea, thou dost love: yet one adept
Brings more for Me to accept.”–
I mould my will to match with Thine,
My wishes I resign.

“Thou givest much: then give the whole
For solace of My soul.”–
More would I give, if I could get:
But, Lord, what lack I yet?

“In Me thou lovest Me: I call
Thee to love Me in all.”–
Brim full my heart, dear Lord, that so
My love may overflow.

“Love Me in sinners and in saints,
In each who needs or faints.”–
Lord, I will love Thee as I can
In every brother man.

“All sore, all crippled, all who ache,
Tend all for My dear sake.”–
All for Thy sake, Lord: I will see
In every sufferer, Thee.

“So I at last, upon My Throne
Of glory, Judge alone,
So I at last will say to thee:
Thou diddest it to Me.”