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Steps We Climb
by [?]


Like idle clouds our lives move on,
By change and chance as idly blown;
Our hopes like netted sparrows fly,
And vainly beat their wings and die.
Fate conquers all with stony will,
Oh, heart, be still–be still!


No! change and chance are slaves that wait
On Him who guides the clouds, not fate,
But the High King rules seas and sun,
He conquers, He, the Mighty One.
So powerless, ‘neath that changeless will,
Oh, heart, be still–be still!


As a young bird fallen from its nest
Beats wildly the kind hand against
That lifts it up, so tremblingly
Our hearts lie in God’s hand, as He
Uplifts them by His loving will,
Oh, heart, be still–be still!


Uplifts them to a perfect peace,
A rest beyond all earthly ease,
‘Neath the white shadow of the throne–
Low nest forever overshone
By tenderest love, our Lord’s dear will;
Oh, heart, be still–be still!