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Sonnet [To The Right Worshipfull, My Singular Good Frend]
by [?]


To the right worshipfull, my singular good frend,
M. Gabriell Harvey, Doctor of the Lawes.

Harvey, the happy above happiest men
I read**; that, sitting like a looker-on
Of this worldes stage, doest note with critique pen
The sharpe dislikes of each condition:
And, as one carelesse of suspition,
Ne fawnest for the favour of the great,
Ne fearest foolish reprehension
Of faulty men, which daunger to thee threat:
But freely doest of what thee list entreat,@
Like a great lord of peerelesse liberty,
Lifting the good up to high Honours seat,
And the evill damning evermore to dy:
For life and death is in thy doomeful writing;
So thy renowme lives ever by endighting.

Dublin, this xviij. of July, 1586.

Your devoted friend, during life,


[* From “Foure Letters and certaine Sonnets especially touching Robert
Greene, and other parties by him abused,” etc. London, 1592. TODD.]
[** Read, consider.]
[@ Entreat, treat.]