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Song [Come To Me In Any Shape]
by [?]

Come to me in any shape!
As a victor crown’d with vine,
In thy curls the clustering grape, –
Or a vanquished slave:
‘Tis thy coming that I crave,
And thy folding serpent twine,
Close and dumb;
Ne’er from that would I escape;
Come to me in any shape!
Only come!

Only come, and in my breast
Hide thy shame or show thy pride;
In my bosom be caressed,
Never more to part;
Come into my yearning heart;
I, the serpent, golden-eyed,
Twine round thee;
Twine thee with no venomed test;
Absence makes the venomed nest;
Come to me!

Come to me, my lover, come!
Violets on the tender stem
Die and wither in their bloom,
Under dewy grass;
Come, my lover, or, alas!
I shall die, shall die like them,
Frail and lone;
Come to me, my lover, come!
Let thy bosom be my tomb:
Come, my own!