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"Salut Aux Blessis"
by [?]

A group of mounted officers
Ride up and fall in line;
Their gleaming swords hang at their sides,
Chevrons their arms entwine;
They bare their heads as pass along
A train of wounded men,
Their shattered comrades from the field
They ne’er may meet again.

Salut aux Blessis!” loud they cry.
The wounded soldiers hear,
And for a time forget their pain,
And swell the lusty cheer.
Thus should it be in other lines;
The men who lead the van
Should e’er accord a brother’s cheer
To every wounded man.

The “rank and file” the wounds receive;
Sometimes the leader, too;
But honest wounds none should despise;
The bearer may be true.
He stood his ground ‘gainst mighty odds,
And dared the shot and shell;
So bare your heads, ye scarless ones,
And say, “Thou hast done well!”