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Psalm 94:1 First Part [God, To Whom Revenge Belongs]
by [?]

Psalm 94:1. 1 2 7-14. First Part
Saints chastised, and sinners destroyed;
or, Instructive afflictions.

God, to whom revenge belongs,
Proclaim thy truth aloud
Let Sovereign Power redress our wrongs,
Let justice smite the proud.

They say, “The Lord nor sees nor hears;”
When will the fools be wise!
Can he be deaf who form’d their ears?
Or blind, who made their eyes?

He knows their impious thoughts are vain,
And they shall feel his power;
His wrath shall pierce their souls with pain
In some surprising hour.

But if thy saints deserve rebuke,
Thou hast a gentler rod;
Thy providences and thy book
Shall make them know their God.

Blest is the man thy hands chastise,
And to his duty draw;
Thy scourges make thy children wise
When they forget thy law.

But God will ne’er cast off his saints,
Nor his own promise break;
He pardons his inheritance
For their Redeemer’s sake.