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Psalm 89:6. 5th Part ["Yet (saith The Lord) If David’s Race]
by [?]

Psalm 89:6. 30 etc. Fifth Part
The covenant of grace unchangeable;
or, Afflictions without rejection.

“Yet (saith the Lord) if David’s race,
“The children of my Son,
“Should break my laws, abuse my grace,
“And tempt mine anger down;

“Their sins I’ll visit with the rod,
“And make their folly smart;
“But I’ll not cease to be their God,
“Nor from my truth depart.

“My covenant I will ne’er revoke,
“But keep my grace in mind;
“And what eternal love hath spoke
“Eternal truth shall bind.

“Once have I sworn (I need no more)
“And pledg’d my holiness
“To seal the sacred promise sure
“To David and his race.

“The sun shall see his offspring rise
“And spread from sea to sea,
“Long as he travels round the skies
“To give the nations day.

“Sure as the moon that rules the night
“His kingdom shall endure,
“Till the fix’d laws of shade and light
“Shall be observ’d no more.”