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Psalm 89:1 First Part [For Ever Shall My Song Record]
by [?]

Psalm 89:1. First Part. L. M.
The covenant made with Christ; or, the true David.

For ever shall my song record
The truth and mercy of the Lord;
Mercy and truth for ever stand,
Like heaven, establish’d by his hand.

Thus to his Son he sware, and said,
“With thee my covenant first is made;
“In thee shall dying sinners live,
“Glory and grace are thine to give.

“Be thou my prophet, thou my priest;
“Thy children shall be ever blest;
“Thou art my chosen king; thy throne
“Shall stand eternal like my own.

“There’s none of all my sons above,
“So much my image or my love;
“Celestial powers thy subjects are,
“Then what can earth to thee compare?

“David, my servant, whom I chose
“To guard my flock, to crush my foes,
“And rais’d him to the Jewish throne,
“Was but a shadow of my Son.”

Now let the church rejoice and sing
Jesus her Saviour and her King:
Angels his heavenly wonders show,
And saints declare his works below.