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Psalm 81 [Sing To The Lord Aloud]
by [?]

Psalm 81. 1 8 16
The warnings of God to his people; or,
Spiritual blessings and punishments.

Sing to the Lord aloud,
And make a joyful noise;
God is our strength, our Saviour God;
Let Israel hear his voice.

“From vile idolatry
“Preserve my worship clean;
“I am the Lord who set thee free
“From slavery and sin.

“Stretch thy desires abroad,
“And I’ll supply them well
“But if ye will refuse your God,
“If Israel will rebel,

“I’ll leave them,” saith the Lord,
“To their own lusts a prey,
“And let them run the dangerous road,
“‘Tis their own chosen way.

“Yet O! that all my saints
“Would hearken to my voice!
“Soon I would ease their sore complaints,
“And bid their hearts rejoice.

“While I destroy their foes,
“I’d richly feed my flock,
“And they should taste the stream that flows
“From their eternal Rock.”