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Psalm 66:1 First Part [Sing, All Ye Nations, To The Lord]
by [?]

Governing power and goodness;
or, Our graces tried by afflictions.

Sing, all ye nations, to the Lord,
Sing with a joyful noise;
With melody of sound record
His honours, and your joys.

Say to the power that shakes the sky,
“How terrible art thou!
“Sinners before thy presence fly,
“Or at thy feet they bow.”

[Come, see the wonders of our God,
How glorious are his ways:
In Moses’ hand he puts his rod,
And cleaves the frighted seas.

He made the ebbing channel dry,
While Israel pass’d the flood;
There did the church begin their joy,
And triumph in their God.]

He rules by his resistless might:
Will rebel mortals dare
Provoke th’ Eternal to the fight,
And tempt that dreadful war?

O bless our God and never cease;
Ye saints, fulfil his praise;
He keeps our life, maintains our peace,
And guides our doubtful ways.

Lord, thou hast prov’d our suffering souls,
To make our graces shine;
So silver bears the burning coals
The metal to refine.

Thro’ watery deeps and fiery ways
We march at thy command,
Led to possess the promis’d place
By thine unerring hand.