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Psalm 65:2 Second Part [The God Of Our Salvation Hears]
by [?]

Psalm 65:2. 5-13. Second Part. L. M.
Divine providence in air, earth, and sea;
or, The God of nature and grace.

The God of our salvation hears
The groans of Sion mix’d with tears;
Yet when he comes with kind designs,
Thro’ all the way his terror shines.

On him the race of man depends,
Far as the earth’s remotest ends,
Where the Creator’s Name is known
By nature’s feeble light alone.

Sailors, that travel o’er the flood,
Address their frighted souls to God;
When tempests rage and billows roar
At dreadful distance from the shore.

He bids the noisy tempest cease;
He calms the raging crowd to peace,
When a tumultuous nation raves
Wild as the winds, and loud as waves.

Whole kingdoms shaken by the storm
He settles in a peaceful form;
Mountains establish’d by his hand,
Firm on their old foundations stand.

Behold his ensigns sweep the sky,
New comets blaze and lightnings fly,
The heathen lands, with swift surprise,
From the bright horrors turn their eyes.

At his command the morning-ray
Smiles in the east, and leads the day;
He guides the sun’s declining wheels
Over the tops of western hills.

Seasons and times obey his voice;
The evening and the morn rejoice
To see the earth made soft with showers,
Laden with fruit and drest in flowers.

‘Tis from his watery stores on high
He gives the thirsty ground supply;
He walks upon the clouds, and thence
Doth his enriching drops dispense.

The desert grows a fruitful field,
Abundant food the vallies yield;
The vallies shout with cheerful voice,
And neighb’ring hills repeat their joys.

The pastures smile in green array;
There lambs and larger cattle play;
The larger cattle and the lamb
Each in his language speaks thy Name.

Thy works pronounce thy power divine,
O’er every field thy glories shine;
Thro’ every month thy gifts appear;
Great God! thy goodness crowns the year.