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Psalm 50:3 [When Christ To Judgment Shall Descend]
by [?]

Psalm 50:3. 1 5 8 16 21 22. 3d Part. C. M.
The judgement of hypocrites.

When Christ to judgment shall descend
And saints surround their Lord,
He calls the nations to attend,
And hear his awful word.

“Not for the want of bullocks slain
“Will I the world reprove;
“Altars and rites and forms are vain,
“Without the fire of love.

“And what have hypocrites to do
“To bring their sacrifice?
“They call my statutes just and true,
“But deal in theft and lies.

“Could you expect to ‘scape my sight,
“And sin without control?
“But I shall bring your crimes to light,
“With anguish in your soul.”

Consider, ye that slight the Lord,
Before his wrath appear;
If once you fall beneath his sword,
There’s no deliverer there.