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Psalm 50:1 First Part [The Lord, The Judge, Before His Throne]
by [?]

Psalm 50:1. 1-6. First Part. C. M.
The last judgment; or, The saints rewarded.

The Lord, the Judge, before his throne,
Bids the whole earth draw nigh,
The nations near the rising sun,
And near the western sky.

No more shall bold blasphemers say,
“Judgment will ne’er begin,”
No more abuse his long delay
To impudence and sin.

Thron’d on a cloud our God shall come,
Bright flames prepare his way,
Thunder and darkness, fire and storm,
Lead on the dreadful day.

Heaven from above his call shall hear,
Attending angels come,
And earth and hell shall know and fear
His justice and their doom.

“But gather all my saints,” he cries,
“That made their peace with God,
“By the Redeemer’s sacrifice,
“And seal’d it with his blood.

“Their faith and works brought forth to light
“Shall make the world confess
“My sentence of reward is right,
“And heaven adore my grace.”