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Psalm 35:2 [Behold The Love, The Generous Love]
by [?]

Psalm 35:2. 12-14. Second Part

Love to enemies; or, The love of
Christ to sinners typified in David.

Behold the love, the generous love
That holy David shows;
Hark, how his sounding bowels move
To his afflicted foes!

When they are sick his soul complains,
And seems to feel the smart;
The spirit of the gospel reigns,
And melts his pious heart.

How did his flowing tears condole
As for a brother dead!
And fasting mortify’d his soul,
While for their life he pray’d.

They groan’d; and curs’d him on their bed,
Yet still he pleads and mourns;
And double blessings on his head
The righteous God returns.

O glorious type of heavenly grace!
Thus Christ the Lord appears;
While sinners curse, the Saviour prays,
And pities them with tears.

He, the true David, Israel’s king,
Blest and belov’d of God,
To save us rebels dead in sin,
Paid his own dearest blood.