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Psalm 34:3 First Part [I’ll Bless The Lord From Day To Day]
by [?]

Psalm 34:3. 1-10. First Part. C. M.
Prayer and Praise for eminent deliverance.

I’ll bless the Lord from day to day;
How good are all his ways!
Ye humble souls that use to pray,
Come, help my lips to praise.

Sing to the honour of his name,
How a poor sufferer cry’d,
Nor was his hope expos’d to shame,
Nor was his suit deny’d.

When threatening sorrows round me stood,
And endless fears arose,
Like the loud billows of a flood,
Redoubling all my woes;

I told the Lord my sore distress
With heavy groans and tears,
He gave my sharpest torments ease,
And silenc’d all my fears.


[O sinners, come and taste his love,
Come, learn his pleasant ways,
And let your own experience prove
The sweetness of his grace.

He bids his angels pitch their tents
Round where his children dwell
What ills their heavenly care prevents
No earthly tongue can tell.]

[O love the Lord, ye saints of his;
His eye regards the just;
How richly blest their portion is
Who make the Lord their trust!

Young lions pinch’d with hunger roar,
And famish in the wood;
But God supplies his holy poor
With every needful good.]