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Psalm 33:2 Second Part [Blest Is The Nation Where The Lord]
by [?]

Psalm 33:2. Second Part. C. M.
Creatures vain, and God all-sufficient.

Blest is the nation where the Lord
Hath fix’d his gracious throne;
Where he reveals his heavenly word,
And calls their tribes his own.

His eye, with infinite survey,
Does the whole world behold;
He form’d us all of equal clay,
And knows our feeble mould.

Kings are not rescu’d by the force
Of armies from the grave;
Nor speed nor courage of an horse
Can the bold rider save,

Vain is the strength of beasts or men
To hope for safety thence;
But holy souls from God obtain
A strong and sure defence.

God is their fear, and God their trust,
When plagues or famine spread,
His watchful eye secures the just
Amongst ten thousand dead.

Lord, let our hearts in thee rejoice,
And bless us from thy throne;
For we have made thy word our choice,
And trust thy grace alone.