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Psalm 30:2 Second Part [Firm Was My Health, My Day Was Bright]
by [?]

Psalm 30:2. 6. Second Part
Health, sickness, and recovery.

Firm was my health, my day was bright,
And I presum’d ‘twould ne’er be night;
Fondly I said within my heart,
“Pleasure and peace shall ne’er depart.”

But I forgot thine arm was strong,
Which made my mountain stand so long;
Soon as thy face began to hide,
My health was gone, my comforts dy’d.

I cry’d aloud to thee, my God,
“What canst thou profit by my blood?
“Deep in the dust can I declare
“Thy truth, or sing thy goodness there?

“Hear me, O God of grace,” I said,
“And bring me from among the dead:”
Thy word rebuk’d the pains I felt,
Thy pardoning love remov’d my guilt.

My groans, and tears, and forms of woe,
Are turn’d to joy and praises now;
I throw my sackcloth on the ground,
And ease and gladness gird me round.

My tongue, the glory of my frame,
Shall ne’er be silent of thy name
Thy praise shall sound thro’ earth and heaven,
For sickness heal’d, and sins forgiven.