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Psalm 22:2 [Now From The Roaring Lion’s Rage]
by [?]

Psalm 22:2. 20 21 27-31. 2d Part. C. M.
Christ’s sufferings and kingdom.

“Now from the roaring lion’s rage,
“O Lord, protect thy Son;
“Nor leave thy darling to engage,
“The powers of hell alone.”

Thus did our suffering Saviour pray,
With mighty cries and tears;
God heard him in that dreadful day,
And chas’d away his fears.

Great was the victory of his death,
His throne exalted high;
And all the kindreds of the earth
Shall worship or shall die.

A numerous offspring must arise
From his expiring groans;
They shall be reckon’d in his eyes
For daughters and for sons.

The meek and humble soul shall see
His table richly spread;
And all that seek the Lord shall be
With joys immortal fed.

The isles shall know the righteousness
Of our incarnate God;
And nations yet unborn profess
Salvation in his blood.