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Psalm 15:2. L. M. [who Shall Ascend Thy Heavenly Place]
by [?]

Religion and justice, goodness and truth;
or, Duties to God and man;
or, The qualifications of a Christian.

Who shall ascend thy heavenly place,
Great God, and dwell before thy face?
The man that minds religion now,
And humbly walks with God below:

Whose hands are pure, whose heart is clean,
Whose lips still speak the thing they mean;
No slanders dwell upon his tongue;
He hates to do his neighbour wrong.

[Scarce will he trust an ill report,
Nor vents it to his neighbour’s hurt:
Sinners of state he can despise,
But saints are honour’d in his eyes.]

[Firm to his word he ever stood,
And always makes his promise good;
Nor dares to change the thing he swears,
Whatever pain or loss he bears.]

[He never deals in bribing gold,
And mourns that justice should be sold:
While others gripe and grind the poor,
Sweet charity attends his door.]

[He loves his enemies, and prays
For those that curse him to his face;
And doth to all men still the same
That he would hope or wish from them.]

Yet when his holiest works are done,
His soul depends on grace alone;
This is the man thy face shall see,
And dwell for ever Lord, with thee.