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Psalm 119:13 Thirteenth Part [With My Whole Heart I’ve Sought Thy Face]
by [?]

Holy fear, and tenderness of conscience.

Ver. 10.
With my whole heart I’ve sought thy face,
O let me never stray
From thy commands, O God of grace,
Nor tread the sinner’s way.

Ver. 11.
Thy word I’ve hid within my heart
To keep my conscience clean,
And be an everlasting guard
From every rising sin.

Ver. 63 53 158.
I’m a companion of the saints
Who fear and love the Lord;
My sorrows rise, my nature faints,
When men transgress thy word.

Ver. 161 163.
While sinners do thy gospel wrong,
My spirit stands in awe;
My soul abhors a lying tongue,
But loves thy righteous law.

Ver. 161 120.
My heart with sacred reverence hears
The threatenings of thy word:
My flesh with holy trembling fears
The judgments of the Lord.

Ver. 166 174.
My God, I long, I hope, I wait
For thy salvation still;
While thy whole law is my delight,
And I obey thy will.