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Psalm 118:2 Second Part [Lord, Thou Hast Heard Thy Servant Cry]
by [?]

Psalm 118:2. 17-21. Second Part
Public praise for deliverance from death.

Lord, thou hast heard thy servant cry,
And rescu’d from the grave;
Now shall he live: (and none can die
If God resolve to save.)

Thy praise, more constant than before,
Shall fill his daily breath;
Thy hand that hath chastis’d him sore,
Defends him still from death.

Open the gates of Zion now,
For we shall worship there,
The house where all the righteous go
Thy mercy to declare.

Among th’ assemblies of thy saints
Our thankful voice we raise!
There we have told thee our complaints,
And there we speak thy praise.