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Psalm 112:3 [Happy Is He That Fears The Lord]
by [?]

Psalm 112:3. C. M.
Liberality rewarded.

Happy is he that fears the Lord,
And follows his commands,
Who lends the poor without reward,
Or gives with liberal hands.

As pity dwells within his breast
To all the sons of need;
So God shall answer his request
With blessings on his seed,

No evil tidings shall surprise
His well-establish’d mind;
His soul to God his refuge flies,
And leaves his fears behind.

In times of general distress,
Some beams of light shall shine
To shew the world his righteousness,
And give him peace divine.

His works of piety and love
Remain before the Lord;
Honour on earth and joys above
Shall be his sure reward.